116: 15 amazing pytest plugins - Michael Kennedy

pytest plugins are an amazing way to supercharge your test suites, leveraging great solutions from people solving test problems all over the world. In this episode Michael and I discuss 15 favorite plugins that you should know about.

We also discuss fixtures and plugins and other testing tools that work great with pytest

  • tox
  • GitHub Actions
  • Coverage.py
  • Selenium + splinter with pytest-splinter
  • Hypothesis

And then our list of pytest plugins:

  1. pytest-sugar
  2. pytest-cov
  3. pytest-stress
  4. pytest-repeat
  5. pytest-instafail
  6. pytest-metadata
  7. pytest-randomly
  8. pytest-xdist
  9. pytest-flake8
  10. pytest-timeout
  11. pytest-spec
  12. pytest-picked
  13. pytest-freezegun
  14. pytest-check
  15. fluentcheck

That last one isn't a plugin, but we also talked about pytest-splinter at the beginning. So I think it still counts as 15.

Special Guest: Michael Kennedy.

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116: 15 amazing pytest plugins - Michael Kennedy
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