12: Coverage.py with Ned Batchelder

In this episode I interview Ned Batchelder.

I know that coverage.py is very important to a lot of people to understand how much of their code is being covered by their test suites.
Since I'm far from an expert on coverage, I asked Ned to discuss it on the show.

I'm also quite a fan of Ned's 2014 PyCon talk "Getting Started Testing", so I definitely asked him about that.

We also discuss edX, Python user groups, PyCon talks, and more.

Some of what's covered (pun intended) in this episode:

  • coverage.py
    • types of coverage
      • Line coverage
      • branch coverage
      • Behavior coverage
      • Data coverage
    • How Ned became the owner of coverage.py
    • Running tests from coverage.py vs running coverage from test runner.
  • edX
    • what is it
    • what Ned's role is
  • Ned's blog
  • Ned's PyCon 2014 talk "Getting Started Testing"
    • Teaching testing and the difficulty of the classes being part of unittest
    • fixtures package
    • some of the difficulties of teaching unittest because of it's class based system.
    • the history of classes in unittest coming from java's jUnit implementation
  • Boston's Python Group
  • PyCon in Portland
  • Ned to do a talk here "Machete mode debugging".
  • Practicing PyCon talks at local group meetings.
  • At the very least, practice it in front of a live audience.


Special Guest: Ned Batchelder.

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12: Coverage.py with Ned Batchelder
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