133: Major League Hacking - Jon Gottfried

Hackathons have been spreading around the world; many at university campuses. Major League Hacking, MLH, has been encouraging and helping hackathons.

Hacking can be thought of as tinkering. Taking things apart and putting them back together as an interesting experience. There's always been some of this as part of software culture.

The people at Major League Hacking have taken this to a whole new level, bringing together Tech creators who enjoy playing around with and crating new technology, on campuses, and now in virtual spaces, all over the world.

Jonathon Gottfried, one of the cofounders of Major League Hacking, joins the show to talk about:

  • hacker meetups and events
  • hackathons
  • what it's like to go to a hackathon
  • how to help out with hackathons as an experienced engineer, even virtually as a mentor
  • hackathons continuing virtually during the pandemic
  • internships and fellowships on open source projects to help students gain experience, even during the pandemic
  • MLH approach to internships, giving interns a support group, including peers, mentors, and project maintainers
  • and MLH itself

Special Guest: Jon Gottfried.

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133: Major League Hacking - Jon Gottfried
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