14: Continuous Integration with Travis CI – Josh Kalderimis

Interview with Josh Kalderimis from Travis CI.

Josh is a co-founder and Chief Post-It Officer at Travis CI.


  • What is Continuous Integration, CI
  • What is Travis CI
  • Some history of the company
  • travis-ci.org vs travis-ci.com and merging the two
  • Enterprise and the importance of security
  • Feature questions
    • Travis vs Jenkins
    • Travis notification through Slack
    • Reporting history of Travis results
    • Dealing with pytest results status other than pass/fail
    • Capturing std out and stderr logging from tests
    • Build artifacts
    • Tox and Travis
    • Using Selenium
  • What does a Chief Post-It Officer do
  • Differentiation between Travis and other CI options
  • Using Slack to keep remote teams communicating well
  • Travis team
  • Funding open source projects
  • Travis Foundation
  • Rails Girls Summer of Code
  • Open source grants
  • Mustaches and beards
  • Shite shirts
  • New Zealand
  • What does Team Periwinkle do


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Brian Okken
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14: Continuous Integration with Travis CI – Josh Kalderimis
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