141: Visual Testing - Angie Jones

Visual Testing has come a long way from the early days of x,y mouse clicks and pixel comparisons. Angie Jones joins the show to discuss how modern visual testing tools work and how to incorporate visual testing into a complete testing strategy.

Some of the discussion:

  • Classes of visual testing:
    • problems with pixel to pixel testing
    • DOM comparisons, css, html, etc.
    • AI driven picture level testing, where failures look into the DOM to help describe the problem.
  • Where visual testing fits into a test strategy.
  • Combining "does this look right" visual testing with other test workflows.
  • "A picture is worth a thousand assertions" - functional assertions built into visual testing.
  • Baselining pictures in the test workflow.

Also discussed:

  • automation engineer
  • Test Automation University

Special Guest: Angie Jones.

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141: Visual Testing - Angie Jones
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