144: TDD in Science - Martin Héroux

Test Driven Development, TDD, is not easy to incorporate in your daily development.

Martin and Brian discuss TDD and testing and Martin's experience with testing, TDD, and using it for code involved with scientific research.

We discuss lots of topics around this, including:

  • What is TDD?
  • Should research software be tested in order to be trusted?
  • Time pressure and the struggle to get code done quickly. How do you make time for tests also?
  • Is testing worth it for code that will not be reused?
  • Sometimes it's hard to know how to test something.
  • Maybe people should learn to test alongside learning how to code.
  • A desire for a resource of testing concepts for non-CS people.
  • Are the testing needs and testing information needs different in different disciplines?
    • Biology, Physics, Astrophysics, etc. Do they have different testing needs?
    • Do we need a "how to test" resource for each?

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Special Guest: Martin Héroux.

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144: TDD in Science - Martin Héroux
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