pseudo-TDD - Paul Ganssle

In this episode, I talk with Paul Ganssle about a fun workflow that he calls pseudo-TDD.
 Pseudo-TDD is a way to keep your commit history clean and your tests passing with each commit.
 This workflow includes using pytest xfail and some semi-advanced version control features.
Some strict forms of TDD include something like this:
  • write a failing test that demonstrates a lacking feature or defect
  • write the source code to get the test to pass
  • refactor if necessary
  • repeat
In reality, at least for me, the software development process is way more messy than this, and not so smooth and linear.
Pauls workflow allow you to develop non-linearly, but commit cleanly.


Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Python People podcasts
Paul Ganssle
Paul Ganssle
Programmer working @Google in NYC. Maintainer of python-dateutil, Python core developer and general FOSS contributor.
pseudo-TDD - Paul Ganssle
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