What would you change about pytest?

Anthony Sottile and Brian discuss changes that would be cool for pytest, even unrealistic changes. These are changes we'd make to pytest if we didn't ahve to care about backwards compatibilty.
Anthony's list:
  1. The import system
  2. Multi-process support out of the box
  3. Async support
  4. Changes to the fixture system
  5. Extend the assert rewriting to make it modular
  6. Add matchers to assert mechanism
  7. Ban test class inheritance
Brian's list: 
  1. Extend assert rewriting for custom rewriting, like check
  2. pytester matchers available for all tests
  3. Throw out nose and unittest compatibility plugins
  4. Throw out setup_module, teardown_module and other xunit style functions
  5. Remove a bunch of the hook functions
  6. Documentation improvement of remaining hook functions which include examples of how to use it
  7. Start running tests before collection is done
  8. Split collection and running into two processes
  9. Have the fixtures be able to know the result of the test during teardown


Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Python People podcasts
Anthony Sottile
Anthony Sottile
Anthony is a core contributor and long time user of pytest, the best automated testing framework on the planet. Anthony also maintains a few other useful tools including pre-commit, flake8 and tox.
What would you change about pytest?
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