72: Technical Interview Fixes - April Wensel

Some typical technical interview practices can be harmful and get in the way of hiring great people. April Wensel offers advice to help fix the technical interview process.

She recommends:

  • hire for mindset and attitude
  • look for empathy and mentorship skills
  • allow candidates to show their strengths instead of hunting for weaknesses
  • have the candidate leave feeling good about themselves and your company, regardless of the hiring decision

Some topics discussed:

  • interview questions to bring out stories of skills and successes
  • stereotype threat
  • diversity
  • interview hazing
  • white boards
  • coding challenges
  • unconscious bias
  • emotional intelligence
  • myth of talent shortage
  • pair programming and collaboration during interviews
  • mirrortocracy
  • cultural add vs cultural fit
  • empathy
  • mentoring

This episode is important for anyone going into a technical interview, as a candidate, as a hiring manager, or as a member of an interview team.

Special Guest: April Wensel.

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72: Technical Interview Fixes - April Wensel
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