97: 2019 Retrospective, 2020 Plans, and an amazing decade

This episode is not just a look back on 2019, and a look forward to 2020.
Also, 2019 is the end of an amazingly transofrmative decade for me, so I'm going to discuss that as well.

top 10 episodes of 2019

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  • 1: episode 89, Improving Programming Education - Nicholas Tollervey

Looking back on the last decade
Some amazing events, like 2 podcasts, a book, a blog, speaking events, and teaching has led me to where we're at now.

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond
I discussed what's in store in the next year and moving forward.

A closing quote
Software is a blast. At least, it should be.
I want everyone to have fun writing software.
Leaning on automated tests is the best way I know to allow me confidence and freedome to:

  • rewrite big chunks of code
  • play with the code
  • try new things
  • have fun without fear
  • go home feeling good about what I did
  • be proud of my code I want everyone to have that.

That's why I promote and teach automated testing.

I hope you had an amazing decade.
And I wish you a productive and fun 2020 and the upcoming decade.
If we work together and help eachother reach new heights, we can achieve some pretty amazing things

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97: 2019 Retrospective, 2020 Plans, and an amazing decade
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