Being a Guest on a Podcast - Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy of Talk Python and Python Bytes fame joins Brian to talk about being a great guest and what to expect.

Even if you have never wanted to be on a podcast, you might learn some great tips. A few of the things we talk about will be helpful for other endeavors, like public speaking, guest blog posts, look for unsolicited job opportunities.

Some people have never been on a podcast before, and are possibly freaked out about some of the unknowns of being on a podcast. That's why we did this episode.

Michael and I discuss a bunch of the niggly details so that you can be relaxed and know what to expect.

Topics include:

  • If you want to be on a podcast
    • How to stand out and be someone a podcast would want to have on a show.
    • How to suggest yourself as a guest and the topic you want to discuss.
    • Picking a topic for a podcast
  • What to do before the show to prepare
    • Helping the host out with some information
    • Some hardware (not much)
    • Some software (all free)
    • Sending info like bio, headshot, links, etc.
    • What to expect the host or show to do before the recording.
    • Where to record
    • Sketching out some show topics with the host, maybe on a shared document.
  • What to expect and do
    • Right before the show
    • During the conversation
    • After the recording
    • When it goes live (help promote it)

Special Guest: Michael Kennedy.

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Brian Okken
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Being a Guest on a Podcast - Michael Kennedy
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