Genesynth, nox, urllib3, & PyCascades - Thea Flowers

Thea Flowers is a Pythonista and open source advocate. She helps empower developers of all backgrounds and experience levels using Python and open source software and hardware.

Thea is the creator of Nox, the co-chair of PyCascades 2019, the lead maintainer of urllib3, and a member of the Python Packaging Authority and Packaging Working Group.

Thea works on Google Cloud Platform's wonderful Developer Relations team where she works on API client libraries and community outreach.

All of that is definitely cool enough. But she is also building a synthesiser based on Sega Genesis chips. So of course, that's where we'll start the conversation.

Special Guest: Thea Flowers.

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Brian Okken
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Genesynth, nox, urllib3, & PyCascades - Thea Flowers
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