220: Getting the most out of PyCon, including juggling - Rob Ludwick

PyCon US is just around the corner.  I've asked Rob Ludwick to come on the show to discuss how to get the most out of your PyCon experience. There's a lot to do. A lot of activities to juggle, including actual juggling, which is where we start the conversation.

Even if you never get a chance to go to PyCon, I hope this interview helps you get a feel for the welcoming aspect of the Python community.

I recorded this interview as an episode for one of my other podcasts, Python People. But I think it's got some great pre-conference advice, so I'm sharing it here on Python Test as well.

We talk about: 
- Juggling at PyCon
- How to get the most out of PyCon
    - Watching talks
    - Hallway track
    - Open spaces
    - Lightening talks
    - Expo hall / vendor space
    - Poster sessions
    - Job fair
    - A welcoming community
    - Tutorials 
    - Sprints
    - But mostly about the people of Python and PyCon.

"Python enables smart people to work faster" - Rob Ludwick

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Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Python People podcasts
Rob Ludwick
Rob Ludwick
Rob has been using Python and Django for over a decade now. He graduated from Iowa State University with a Computer Engineering degree in 1996. He has spent many years writing software for the defense, healthcare, and financial industries. He's been juggling since he was a kid, and served as President of the Iowa State Juggling club.
220: Getting the most out of PyCon, including juggling -  Rob Ludwick
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