219: Building Django Apps & SaaS Pegasus - Cory Zue

I'm starting a SaaS project using Django, and there are tons of decisions right out of the gate.
To help me navigate these decisions, I've brought on Cory Zue.   
Cory is the creator of SaaS Pegasus, and has tons of experience with Django.

Some of the topics discussed:
  • Building Django applications
  • SaaS Pegasus
  • placecard.me
  • What boilerplate projects are
  • Django cookiecutter
  • Cookiecutter
  • Which database to use, probably PostgreSQL
  • Authentication choises, probably Allauth
  • Docker, Docker for development, Docker for deployment
  • Deployment targets / hosting services. Render, Heroku, Fly.io, for PaaS options.
  • Front end frameworks. Bootstrap, Tailwind, DaisyUI, TailwindUI
  • HTMX vs React vs straight Django templates
  • Rockets
  • Font Awesome
  • and of course, SaaS Pegasus

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Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Python People podcasts
Cory Zue
Cory Zue
Went from CTO to indie hacker, and now building a solopreneur empire one business at a time. Currently growing https://t.co/o8SD3o1OVX and https://t.co/2uIpQjvlqa
219: Building Django Apps & SaaS Pegasus - Cory Zue
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