216: ruff, uv, and Astral: Python tooling, much faster, with Rust

Charlie Marsh and team are using Rust to make Python tooling faster.
  • Ruff can take the place of Flake8, isort, and Black, and so much more.
  • uv can take the place of pip, pip-tools, and virtualenv
  • Astral is Charlie's venture backed company, and what they have with `ruff` and `uv` is just the start.
Since uv is the newest tool, there's quite a bit of the discussion diving into uv.


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Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Python People podcasts
Charlie Marsh
Charlie Marsh
Charlie is the creator of Ruff and uv, and the founder of Astral, a company dedicated to building high-performance developer tools for the Python ecosystem. He's spent his career working across programming ecosystems: first, at Khan Academy, where he focused on the Android, iOS, and web platforms; and most recently, as a Staff Software Engineer at Spring Discovery, where he led the development of a hybrid Rust-Python machine learning and data platform.
216: ruff, uv, and Astral: Python tooling, much faster, with Rust
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